Dave Mckenzie


Dave McKenzie was born in Mandeville, Jamaica; he is the first of three children.  Dave spent his early childhood living with his grandparents who were deeply rooted in the Church.  His grandfather was a minister of the Church of Christ and made sure Dave was grounded in the truth at an early age.

After living with his grandparents, Dave moved back home to live with his parents where he went to grade school and high school.  During this time he got baptized into Christ in 1982. 

Dave moved to Orlando, FL for a brief time and then back to New York where he lived and worked for a while before deciding to move north to Boston, MA.

While in Boston, Dave reunited with his first real love, Rosealie, and they got married.  The union is going on 18 strong years.  The Dave and Rosealie have three boys, Jaime, Alex and Dimitri.


Mark D. Harris Sr


was born in Harlem, NY.  He is the son of Charles and Mary Harris.  He graduated from Boston Technical High School and then joined the United States Air Force where he served for 6.5 years.  His military service took him to Texas, California and back to Massachusetts.  He also served in Vietnam.  He has a full honorable discharge. After his military service, Mark had a career as a welder. He fulfilled one of his lifetime dreams when he attended Berkeley College of Music at the age of 31.   Mark is now retired and has spent some time doing volunteer work at Milton Hospital.


In 2000 Mark obeyed the Gospel and became an active member of the Church of Christ.  He married his wife, Sherrye Harris, in 2004.  They have worked side by side in the church ever since.


Mark and his wife came to this congregation when it was formerly the Talbot Avenue Congregation.  He has worked under Minister Maurice Davis’ leadership since.  At Milton, Mark serves on the Media Ministry, Evangelism and the Senior Saints Ministries.  He continues to teach the teenage class as he has for many years now.


One of his favorite scriptures is Proverbs 30:7-9. 


Mark gives all glory to God for this opportunity to serve the Saints at the Church of Christ in Milton.


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